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New Year, New Postal Rates

While the new postal rates and regulations take effect on January 27, 2013, direct mail remains a flexible and inexpensive way to physically place your message in your customers’ hands.

Here are some key changes that may affect your direct mail campaigns:

  • The single-piece postcard rate will increase by an additional penny to 33¢.
  • Automation discounts will be limited to letters, flats, postcards, Business Reply Mail and Permit Reply Mail with the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb). The new barcode holds all routing, sorting and additional services in one place, freeing up valuable space on your envelope for your marketing message. Automated address correction will ensure that your material reaches the right recipient at the right time, improving response rates and increasing revenue.
  • Self-mailers are subject to new requirements for size, paper weight, folding and tabbing. Failure to comply will result in a significant postage increase.

Here are several steps you can take to control the impact of the postal changes:

  • Merge and purge your mailing lists to ensure clean data.
  • Review your existing stock of printed materials for compliance with new regulations before your next mailing to avoid any surprises when you receive your postage bill.
  • Reduce the size and/or weight of your direct mail package. For example, instead of mailing an 8½" x 11" piece at the "flats" rate, fold the piece to 5½" x 8½" to qualify for the lower letter rate.

If you have questions about how the new rates and regulations will impact your business, call or email us today at (610) 758-3109 or ghs2@lehigh.edu. We can help you design your mail piece, choose the correct paper stock, and prepare your mailing to meet the revised standards and secure the lowest postage rates available.

Click here to view a comprehensive list of the new USPS rates. Additionally, click here for a PDF guide for the new folded self-mailer regulations.