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Printing and Mailing FAQs

  1. Can I charge my Bursarís Account?
  2. Yes, with proper ID (student ID or valid driverís license).

  3. Do you accept Gold Plus?
  4. Yes. You must have sufficient balance available for the charge.

  5. Can I pay by cash, debit or credit card?
  6. Cash is always acceptable. Credit cards (Visa or Master Card only) may be used for charges greater than $5.00.

  7. Can I e-mail files to your location for copying services?
  8. Yes, as long as the file does not exceed the LTS limits. Be sure to give explicit printing instructions in the e-mail (i.e. how many copies, what size printout, what paper stock you wish to have your material printed on, if it is to be bound and what type of binding, etc.).

    We also have an EasyOnlineOrder site at www.lehigh.edu/printing where you can upload your documents and check off specifications before sending.

    For both sending options, you will have the most success with a pdf file. It is always best to leave contact information so that we can reach you in the event of problems with your document.

    Be sure to advise if the printing should be color or black and white (especially if you want black and white and your file is in color). If you are unsure of how to proceed it is usually best to call first.

  9. What hours are you open?
  10. Both the Mountaintop and the Copy Center @ Rauch are open from 8:15 AM to Noon and from 1:00 PM to 4:45 PM on weekdays. We are closed over the noon hour.

  11. Do you print posters and banners?
  12. We offer small and large format poster printing. Small format, quick prints up to 12x18 inches at our Mountaintop facility and up to 11 x 17 at the Copy Center @ Rauch. Large format posters and banners to any custom size. We also offer mounting to foam board or other substrates as needed for indoor or outdoor use.

  13. Do you have prepress and design services available?
  14. Yes, at the Mountaintop facility only. Please call 8-5407 or email to inpri@lehigh.edu for an available time slot to discuss your project

  15. Do you print resumes and is there a quality grade paper available?
  16. Yes. We have several choices of stock or you may provide your own and have the resume printed onto your paper.

  17. Can we order T-shirts, water bottles, key rings, etc. for my club/fraternity/sorority?
  18. Yes. We offer a full line of promotional items. Please contact the director at ghs2@lehigh.edu for more information.

  19. Can I fax or receive faxes and scan documents to disk or USB?
  20. Yes. There are charges for these services and they are available during our normal hours of operation.