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Mailing Services, located in Building J on Mountaintop Campus, offers a full range of mailing functions to departments, groups, organizations, and individuals. This includes addressing, inserting, labeling, sorting, typing, etc. The staff is also available to consult on postal regulations and procedures for non-profit, business reply, and other types of mailings. UPS and FedEx package shipping is provided on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.

Packages can be dropped off in the mailroom on the lower level of Building J on the Mountaintop Campus.

Whether we are delivering a single letter via campus mail, processing 200,000 non-profit mass mailings, providing express mail service or answering a question you may have regarding your mailing needs, Mailing Services is happy to assist you.

Post Office & Mail

Lehigh offers Mail at Campus Square, which can meet most of your postal needs. Additionally, interoffice mail and courier services are some of the features provided to students, faculty and staff. (more...)

Domestic Services

Learn more about our domestic mailing services here. (more...)

International Services

Learn more about international mailing services and locations here. (more...)