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Printing Services Staff Members Receive Lehigh’s Tradition of Excellence Award

Several members of the Printing Services staff are recipients of this year’s Tradition of Excellence Awards at Lehigh University. The team that was involved with the Global Village Yearbook project, comprised of Julie Scheller, Cherie Schmoyer, Jeff Schmoyer, Karen Mack, Don Miller and Richard Correa, were the deserving award recipients.

“I’m very proud of the way my team worked together to produce an excellent piece of material for the Iacocca Institute’s Global Village Yearbook,” says Printing & Mailing Services Director, Glenn Strause. “They truly exemplify the type of employee that Lehigh University strives to hire.”

To qualify for the Tradition of Excellence, an individual or team needs to demonstrate outstanding behaviors or produce exceptional results in any of the following categories: Character, Job Performance and Team Focused Contribution. The recipients of this award will receive a congratulatory letter, a monetary reward, a certificate and a medallion inscribed with the Lehigh Tradition of Excellence graphic.