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The Easy as 1-2-3 Advantage

We've streamlined our services - from customer support to the fine art of design - to ensure that your experience is a simple, positive one.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lehigh's Printing and Mailing Services?

We know Lehigh - We're Part of It!
We understand the expectations of Lehigh's departments and organizations and are familiar with the seasonal pace of academic schedules and deadlines. We know the appropriate use of Lehigh's identity elements, therefore eliminating the need to rework designs that do not comply. Lastly, we understand the integrity of Lehigh is exemplified through its services and products, which is why we strive to reflect these high standards.

Convenient Billing!
The preferred method of billing is through Lehigh's electronic, automatic billing system. This means that billing is as easy as providing your department's Banner account number when you place your order. We accept bursar accounts, GoldPlus, checks, cash, and credit cards.

Free Pick-up, Delivery, and Access to Specialized Mailing Lists
We offer free pick-up and delivery and quick turnaround on your copy jobs. Your job can be picked up at your department, copied, and delivered within hours. You can even send documents via Easy Online Order . We'll make copies and send them to your department or student mailbox. IT'S THAT EASY! We also have mailing lists that we can segment to reach specific target audiences on campus.

Lehigh Dollars Stay at Lehigh
By using us for your copy and print projects, your department is actually helping Lehigh save money while also being a good steward to Lehigh's resources.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We understand the importance of security and confidentiality for our customer's projects. As an in-house printing facility, we are able to offer a high-level of security by keeping your projects on-campus, handled solely by university staff.

Order by Phone, Fax, Web, Email, or Campus Mail
We are already familiar with standard Lehigh printed materials, so it's very easy to order and re-order. We have several easy-to-complete request forms available for you, and you can place orders via phone, fax, web, email, or campus mail.

Save Dollars and Time
Large projects tie up your employees and equipment. We can combine several operations on our high-speed equipment that eliminates labor-intensive handwork like collating, stapling, and binding to save you and your department time and money.

We Are Official Suppliers
We are the official supplier of Lehigh University letterhead, envelopes, and business cards and offer a full line of Lehigh stationery. We also offer a complete line of Promotional and Specialty projects that can be created for your department or group.