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Transportation and Parking Receives State Award for SMART Parking

Transportation and Parking Services received an award for Outstanding Parking Equipment at the Pennsylvania Parking Association’s 2008 Parking Conference and Exhibition.

The Transportation and Parking Services SMART Parking campaign was presented with the Outstanding Parking Equipment award at the Pennsylvania Parking Association’s 8th Annual Awards Competition. The reception wrapped up the two day conference in Pittsburg, PA. This is the second year in a row that Lehigh was honored with an award of excellence for parking.

The SMART Parking campaign consists of the new, color coded SMARTmeters and the reloadable SMARTcards. The new meters have a press for free time button, meaning that users can press the meter button for five minutes of free parking.

Chris Christian, director of Transportation and Parking, deems the free time button to be a nice benefit for Lehigh students, faculty, and staff. “This is the only meter on the market with this convenient feature,” he says.

Additionally, the color coding makes the meters easier to understand. Christian says students can use gold or green meters any time. The brown meters are reserved for visitors, and the blue ones are for handicapped parking.

Last year, the department also introduced the SMART Parking Card. The SMARTcard will work in any of Lehigh’s meters and can be purchased by anyone for $25 at the Parking Office or Bookstore. The card can then be reloaded as needed.

For more information on SMARTmeters, SMARTcards, and complete parking regulations, please visit the Parking Services website.