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Parking Changes and Advances to Happen This Year

In the next 18 months, Lehigh students, faculty, and staff can expect to see new technology and enhanced lot and garage maintenance on all three Lehigh campuses.

Transportation and Parking services has formally announced a plan to improve the lots and garages on campus to make parking easier, safer, and more convenient. Over the next several years, new access systems will be placed in all of Lehigh’s parking garages. Additionally, the department has already started a parking lot paving and maintenance program aimed at improving outdoor parking.

Chris Christian, director of transportation and parking services, explains the new entry system for the garages, “Basically, it works very similarly to EZPass. It is very convenient for those who have right of entry to the garage.”

The new system means people don’t have to search for change in their pockets, roll down their windows to swipe cards, or take tickets from a machine. Another benefit of the system is that people who should not have access to the garage are not able to use it.

Christian says his department does not offer more permits than there are spaces for any of the lots or garages on campus. The problem is that when people park on campus illegally, it means someone with a valid permit loses out on a space. The entry system in the garage should help cut down on that problem, making it easier for those with permits to find parking on campus.

Additionally, Chris says that they are undertaking a substantial repaving project for the residential lots. “We recently repaved the Saucon Village parking lot. This fall and spring, we plan on repaving many of the lots on the hill.”

Christian says they also plan to add more lighting in the parking garages and increase online services on their website within the next year.