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Transportation Services Now Running New Buses

Transportation and Parking Services is now using new buses for the mountaintop bus service starting mid-November. The new buses have attached bike racks, digital signage, and run on biodiesel.

Two new buses are now at Transportation and Parking services and will begin servicing students as early as November 23, Chris Christian, director of transportation and parking says. The two new buses are brand new 29 seat 2009 ElDorado Aerio Elites, and will predominately be used for the Mountaintop Bus Service.

Both new buses will run on biodiesel and feature attached bike racks, digital bus route signage, air conditioning, and diesel engines. The bike racks and digital bus signage features were items specifically requested by the students at Lehigh.

Additionally, the buses are equipped for Lehigh’s tough terrain. “Some buses can have a hard time with the hills and sudden stops that our buses need to do regularly for our bus service,” Christian says. He explains that the new buses have Air Ride Suspension for a smoother ride on bumps and hills and Drive Line Brake Retarders, which makes the buses much safer on the hills. The brake retarders extend the life of the brakes, which is a feature much needed because of the rough route the mountaintop buses drive daily.

The buses came in sooner than they were expected, which is a major benefit for students who depend on the bus service daily. “Students had been asking us when we would replace the buses, and we knew we were replacing them, but thought it would take a much longer time to get them in.” Christian says. “We’re excited they can be out there running next week and are hoping to better meet the needs of our students who depend on Lehigh’s bus service.”