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Faculty Staff Parking Hangtags Valid Until November 30. 2010.

Parking Services has extended the expiration of current faculty/staff parking permits until November 30, 2010. Faculty and staff members will receive individual emails in November with permit distribution information. Until then, please keep your current permit displayed on your rear view mirror.

If you do not desire parking after June 30, 2010 you must physically return your permit to the Parking Services office in Johnson Hall with a written request (e-mail is preferred) that your payroll deduction be stopped. Requests from those with bi-monthly paychecks received on or before the first of the month will be processed for the following month. Requests from those with monthly paychecks received before the fifteenth of the month will be p rocessed for the following month.

Any questions can be directed to inpark@lehigh.edu. Thank you.