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WeCar Welcome Back Special!

WeCar is helping to welcome you back for the Spring Semester by offering free sign-ups through January! In addition, if you sign up before February you’ll also get half off the standard membership price and $25 in driving credit. The WeCars are conveniently available in the Lower Cents parking lot.

About WeCar:

WeCar is a car-sharing program by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It is a great way for students to get around town without worrying about car ownership/upkeep, parking fees, and rising gas prices. Cars are made available through a simple online reservation system for just $10-12 an hour, with all-day and overnight options available. Fuel and maintenance are paid for on trips under than 200 miles. Lehigh WeCar offers the perfect ride for everybody with 4 unique cars: a 2012 Toyota Prius, a 2012 Ford Escape, a 2011 Kia Soul, and a 2003, burn orange Chevy Cruze.

Car-sharing programs like WeCar also offer environmental benefits. It is estimated that for each shared car used, anywhere from 5 to 20 cars are taken off the road, reducing both road congestion and pollution.

Whether making a fast run to the grocery store or planning a trip to the Poconos for skiing, WeCar is the perfect solution! Be sure to apply before January 31st at wecar.com/lehigh