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Lehigh's Approach to Parking Fees Mentioned in University Business Article

In the April edition of University Business magazine, Lehigh University's efforts at achieving a more balanced parking fee plan were mentioned. As universities grow and add new employees, many are finding that parking spaces are becoming scarcer. As the article explains, to balance this growing demand against shrinking supply, some institutions have developed a unique approach to the parking problem - demand management through pricing. Some recent approaches have been to charge a percentage of an employee's salary. Another solution has been to charge a percentage of the employee's salary that is based on how close they want to park.

Lehigh has developed their own fee system to more evenly allocate parking spots by charging parking fees based on salary levels, as opposed to percentages. Although, these solutions may not be perfect, they are an attempt at allocating a highly demanded resource as universities expand their human capital within limited campus space.

To read the full article, please visit: University Business