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Transportation, Transit, and Parking Services Launches New Bus Fleet

In an effort to make student bus services more efficient and more convenient, Transportation, Transit and Parking Services has implemented the use of four new transit-style buses. The new buses have a larger capacity (allowing for 95 passengers at a time), allow students to stand if seats are full, and have on-board WiFi. The new buses, in combination with the bus tracking app and bus.lehigh.edu, aim to improve the student experience at Lehigh. With the bus tracking app (accessible through the LehighU Live app) and bus.lehigh.edu, students can track the buses in real-time. Transportation, Transit and Parking Services believes that the new buses and bus tracking technologies will reduce the amount of time students spend waiting outside for buses, especially in inclement weather.

The design of the buses was developed by Lehigh's very own Allison Heckman (pictured below), an undergraduate student and Business Services intern. Based on her graphic design background, Allison was asked to design the new buses as part of her internship last year. Her design blended old and new to incorporate the importance of Lehigh traditions while also appearing modern and sophisticated. Allison's designs have been partially applied, and we plan to apply more components of her designs throughout the semester on all new buses.