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UBS Vision and Core Purpose

Our Vision:

UBS supports the vision of F&A by synchronizing the infrastructure with the core purpose, goal and strategic plan of Lehigh University. By constantly searching for the best possible fit, we offer something valuable to the University - confidence that the infrastructure is synchronized with the University's core purpose, goal, and strategic plan.

Our Core Purpose:

The core purpose of UBS is to support the mission of F&A, within the context of the University's core purpose and strategic plan. We provide a portfolio of business services and infrastructure needed to drive and advance the University's goals and strategic plan, and we actively participate in achieving the defined outcomes.

Our Guiding Principles

Exemplify Lehigh's Values: We embrace and exemplify Lehigh's values and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Encourage the Community: We will frequently communicate, share successes, and encourage one another within UBS, throughout F&A, and across the community.

Do the Right Thing: As we identify issues, challenges, and opportunities, we will spend the time and effort required to do the right thing, not the quick or easy thing.

Provide Great Service: We will create positively superior interactions and great customer service.

Take Initiative: We will initiate innovative solutions to improve operations, reduce costs, and grow revenues.

Focus on Sustainability: We will exercise a passion for long term sustainability both in terms of the environment and business operations.

Find the Best Fit for Lehigh: While we will continue to evaluate new trends, products, services, and "best practices" at other institutions of higher education, we will always pursue results that are in the best interest of Lehigh.