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Trademarks and Licensing Policies and Procedures

    1. The names and marks of the University will not be used in the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, and “recreational" drug products.
    2. The names and marks of The University are to be used on products which are tasteful and of such a nature as to reflect positively on the image of the University.
    3. Merchandise that bears a registered (or common law) trademark, trade name, service mark, or logo of Lehigh University must be approved, in writing, by Strategic Marketing Affiliates prior to production.
    4. Merchandise produced without written authorization may be considered "counterfeit" and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the merchandise.
    5. Logos are to be used as registered, including the appropriate trademark designation, but may not be otherwise altered without the expressed authorization of Lehigh University and SMA. One exception to this policy is uniforms that are used by the Lehigh University athletic teams. This would apply only to the “on-field” product and not to any replica or authentic items that are to be resold to the general public.
    6. Departments and recognized student groups may use certain logos for official business. Please visit our contacts page to send an inquiry.
    7. University logos cannot be used to endorse or promote a private group or business unless authorized by a formal contract or sponsorship agreement. Private companies are allowed to use University logos only after entering into a promotion specific agreement with the University.
    8. No coach or athletic staff member has the authority to complete an authorization form allowing an unlicensed vendor to utilize licensed marks. Nor do they have University permission to directly send logos to unlicensed vendors. Any vendor wishing to use a Lehigh mark should be directed to SMA for guidance on acceptable procedures.
    9. Logos may not be created for University departments, clubs, or organizations without prior approval from the Trademarks and Licensing department.