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Types of Licenses Available

Standard License: This is the most frequently requested license, which allows for the production of emblematic merchandise, which will be sold by the licensee to retail establishments. This license is issued by Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA). Sample products are reviewed by SMA for quality and safety standards prior to the submission to the University for final approval. The University has established a standard royalty rate of 10% that is included in the wholesale prices charged by licensees. Lehigh and SMA reserve the right to adjust this program and the respective fees as market trends permit.

Limited/Restricted License: A company looking to provide emblematic products ONLY to the University may be considered for this license. The company will still need to apply with SMA and follow all policies set forth by Lehigh and SMA, including artwork submission and approval; however, the standard royalty percentages and fees may not apply. A holder of this license is not allowed to sell any products to any party with the exception of Lehigh University.