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Trademarks and Licensing Begins Student Campaign

This fall, Lehigh University's Trademarks and Licensing program will begin a campaign to spread awareness about its policies and procedures among students. The idea behind the campaign is to make using Lehigh logos and marks easier and more consistent with the visual identity of the University. As Lehigh grows and more student groups emerge, there is an increased need for a clear and accessible set of guidelines.

Leading the campaign are Mark Ironside, the Executive Director of Business Services, and Olivia Hodina, a Trademarks and Licensing student intern. They plan on distributing a brochure to students that highlights the steps needed to appropriately use Lehigh marks, as well as useful resources, contacts, and other relevant information. The brochure will be available on the and Licensing website, under Contacts and Resources, and in the Student Resource Room. Ironside and Hodina will also give a Trademarks and Licensing presentation at various student organizations' meetings, including the Council of Student Presidents and Student Senate. These presentations will focus on keeping student groups informed about the policies that govern Lehigh logos and marks.