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Mazes in Campus Square Encourage Creative Thinking

Six-week temporary maze artwork created in Campus Square by local artist Ben Pawlowski is complete. Theme of the mazes inspires imagination and change.

The six week temporary installation of local artist Ben Pawlowski’s “aMAZEing” art is complete, leading many faculty, staff, students, and visitors to ponder the images, wondering “What does it all mean?”...

Pawlowski was happy to explain, as only he can do in his own words. “There were many ideas and goals that went into this project. I had some limitations – the project had to be temporary and it couldn't interfere with regular Campus Square activities – so I needed to embrace these limitations to get my message across.”

With these things in mind, Pawlowski created the theme, which spells out the solution to the mazes, “Change happens when you imagine”. Pawlowski’s artwork commonly contains double meanings and hidden messages reflecting both the world of art and his own personal life.

Pawlowski explains, “To capture the essence of change, I designed a project that would slowly change over time.” He hoped that while this change was going on it would cause people to imagine what the final images were going to depict.

“To reinforce the theme, I wanted to use people who followed this school of thought –which change only comes when we embrace our imaginations, and I wanted to use people who represented different types of imaginative thought.” Pawlowski says.

He chose images of the following people to portray his message: Ghandi represents spiritual thought, Benjamin Franklin represents inventive thought, Mark Twain depicts literary thought, and John Lennon represents artistic thought. Various colors used were to represent the different stages of the project, each color representing another step.

Silagh White, director of ArtsLehigh and guarantor for Pawlowski’s work appearing in Campus Square says, “It's been wonderful to see people look at things differently, stop for a moment, wonder and be changed.”

His installation in Campus Square is one more project that has helped develop Pawlowski as a sought-after local artist. He’s been a featured artist at the Wired Gallery and Cafe on Main Street in Bethlehem. He can also be seen at various art shows and events around the Lehigh Valley.

View the installation at campussquare.net.

Artist Ben Pawlowski makes solar prints of his window mazes at Campus Square.