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A-MAZE-ing Artist brings his Imagination to Campus Square

Local artist Ben Pawlowski brings his talent and energy to Campus Square in a 6 week, temporary installation. He plans on using the large windows in businesses for the project.

Ben Pawlowski, local elementary art teacher and member of Community Artists Network (CAN), will bring his talent to Campus Square for a six week temporary installation of his “aMAZEing” art. The idea for the installation was formed out of a conversation Pawlowski had with ArtsLehigh director, Silagh White during a CAN event held at Campus Square last spring.

From there, Pawlowski worked with Lehigh University Business Services and ArtsLehigh to develop a thorough project plan, aiming at displaying his art and bringing some imaginative color and excitement to the businesses at Campus Square.

The project will consist of Pawlowski’s Maze Art, a modern art form that has already given him recognition here in the Lehigh Valley. The installation will take six weeks for Pawlowski to complete, but he is mum about what the final project will look like.

“I am expressing one big, bold message through four images, but I am not going to spell it out for people” he says, “I want people to look into it and find meaning.”

Pawlowski’s artwork commonly contains double meanings and hidden messages reflecting both the world of art and his own personal life. Inspired by artists such as Rene Magritte and graffiti artists of the 70’s and 80’s, Pawlowski creates pieces ranging from immense mazes to found object art, such as the chair he has in his living room that was once a television.

“I try to get my audience to see more in the world around them, to see things from a different perspective,” he says.

Along with teaching elementary art for the Allentown School District, Pawlowski is developing a reputation as a sought-after local artist. He is a featured artist in an artist co-op at the Wired Gallery and Cafe on Main Street in Bethlehem. He can also be seen at various art shows and events around the Lehigh Valley.

Pawlowski begins his installation on July 18. Watch his project grow at campussquare.net.