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Stabler Arena Launches Online Newsletter and Email Program

Stabler Arena has teamed up with Ticketmaster to launch Mail Manager, a program that allows Stabler to email newsletters, coupons, and presale announcements to fans .

Stabler Arena and Ticketmaster have worked together to integrate Mail Manager, an email based system that offers direct email communication with fan databases through newsletters, coupons, and presale announcements. Users can opt in or out of any of the several email options and choose which types of emails they would like to receive.

Mail Manager and other similar email advertising and discount programs are popular on sites for concert venues, shopping malls, and athletic facilities. Stabler’s staff is excited about the new program.

Lisa Masterson, manager of Stabler’s box office says that over 75% of all ticket sales for outside shows come through Ticketmaster. By using emails to alert the fan base on which shows are coming to Stabler Arena, Masterson, and other staff members, can make sure fans are in the loop.

“Sometimes,” Masterson explains, “we literally only have a few weeks notice between booking time and show time. The easier it is for us to let the public know which shows are coming to Stabler, the more fans feel informed.”

In the past, Stabler staff has relied mainly on the shows’ promoters to get the word out. When used correctly arena-managed programs like Mail Manager are looked at favorably by most promoters. Kathleen Bird, senior marketing specialist for the Harlem Globetrotters, Inc. (HGI), is more than pleased that the Globetrotters event on February twelfth is the first Stabler event to be promoted with Mail Manager.

“The Mail Manager program guarantees that the most up to date information gets sent directly to the fans. Having worked with Mail Manager in the past, HGI has found it a cost effective way to find out info, send out info, and touch our audience in a timely manner,” Bird says.

Anyone can sign up to receive the emails from Stabler Arena, and users can opt in and out of the types of notices they want to receive. There is no charge for the emails, and users may unsubscribe at anytime. Visit www.stablerarena.com to sign up.