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Printing Goes Green: Lehigh University Participating in 30-day Solid Ink Trial

Lehigh University is participating in a 30-day trial of the Xerox ColorQube™ in the Copy Center at Rauch Business Center.

In accordance with Lehigh’s commitment to protect and improve the environment, the University seeks to purchase environmentally-preferable products. The new ColorQube™ by Xerox is just that! The ColorQube™ is a cartridge-free, solid ink stick that looks and feels like a giant crayon. The multifunction printer with solid ink technology will be delivered next Monday to the Copy Center at Rauch Business Center. Glenn Strause, Director of University Printing and Mailing Services, projects that the machine will be ready for use on or before Friday, October 30th.

The ColorQube™ is easy to load, provides consistent color copying, and is better for the environment than cartridges. Multifunction printers copy, print, and fax all in one unit, which uses less energy than three separate devices. Solid ink prints consistent color, which allows for printing on recycled paper. After printing, printouts can be recycled through Lehigh’s Single Stream Recycling program. The ink itself is also safe and free of harmful toxins that can leach into the environment.

The ColorQube™ is shipped in less packaging than toner cartridges, so overall it generates 90 percent less waste compared to typical color laser technology. According to Xerox, “Over the 4 year life of a typical cartridge-based toner printer, the waste generated amounts to 450 lbs. A Xerox solid ink printer produces only 23 lbs. of waste!” Eliminating the need for imaging units and fusers also contributes to waste reduction. The maintenance roller, which is the only disposable component, lasts for tens of thousands of pages. Minimal packaging provides additional environmental benefits, such as less energy consumed during manufacturing and fewer delivery trucks on the road, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Stop by the Copy Center at Rauch and try the newest in sustainable copier technology!