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UBS Interns Chosen for National Diversity Case Competition

UBS Interns, Justin Mahoney and Olivia Hodina, were selected to represent Lehigh University, along with two other Lehigh students, at the first annual National Diversity Case Competition. The case competition was hosted by the Kelley Student Diversity Council and took place at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business on January 18, 2014.

The National Diversity Case Competition aimed at showcasing the brightest, most diverse students from over 33 top Universities. The competition consisted of two rounds, where teams had 15 minutes to present and ten minutes to answer questions.

Justin Mahoney, UBS Marketing Intern, learned a great deal from the experience: "The Diversity Case Competition at Indiana University was a great learning experience. It was the first time Bryson, Olivia, Alex and I had ever been in a case competition, but we felt we represented Lehigh very well. The case prompt was to present a new digital media campaign to Target's Corporate Employees for the Hispanic consumer. Being that U.S. Hispanics account for 1.2 trillion dollars of buying power in today's market, Target wants to know how they can properly market to them. After our presentation, the Target judge congratulated us on a job well done and also commended us on the outside research we did to help us create a thorough idea."