How to Start a Club or Organization

Congratulations on your interest in starting a student organization on Lehigh's campus. Student run clubs and organizations provide students' opportunities to meet new people, enhance personal skill sets and help to shape the campus community.

New groups seeking first-time recognition from Student Senate must submit a completed application through the Hub in order to be considered.

A completed application includes:

Upon completion of the application, the Club Affairs Committee of Student Senate will review the application materials and request a meeting with the interested group. The Office of Student Activities will also e-mail the Lehigh faculty or staff member to confirm that he or she has agreed to serve in the advisor role. The Club Affairs Committee will then take the application to the full Student Senate for vote on recognition.

The Club Affairs Committee and Student Senate may not recognize a club for any of the following reasons: if the club violates Lehigh University policies, if it is not open to all students on campus, or there is already a club on campus that encompasses the purpose of the inquiring club.

Please direct your questions to the Office of Student Activities at or myself.

Kerry Mallett

Let's begin the application process!!