Office of Student Leadership Development

3 Phases of Leadership Lehigh

Phase 1: Emerging & Curious Leaders

Designed for students who are looking to emerge with a greater understanding of leadership and how they can effectively and actively participate in the act of leading themselves through collaboration with others. The initial phase of Leadership Lehigh nurtures and cultivates an internal curiosity in students regarding their place in the larger community and a desire to practice leadership through the act of serving others.

Phase 2: Established & Self Aware Leaders

The second phase builds upon the realization of leadership skills and personal leadership development that occurs in Phase One. Students are now established leaders in the Lehigh community and Leadership Lehigh provides an avenue to further explore difficult leadership concepts and how to approach larger scale issues facing the local and more global community. Students are challenged to think about their social identities and the interconnectedness between those many identities and leadership effectiveness.

Phase 3: Experienced & Authentic Leaders

The final phase of Leadership Lehigh continues advancing the leadership learning for participants while simultaneously giving students the opportunity to confidently use their leadership experiences both in and out of the program to benefit others. The final phase is truly focused on preparing students to effectively and confidently transition their collegiate leadership ability to a post Lehigh experience through mentoring and a higher level of personal style awareness and the solicitation of feedback from others.