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Thoughts from Participants

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Brooke Zumas, Class of 2007

"Completing this program shows employers that I have unique and tangible leadership skills.  It sends a clear message that I bring leadership skills to any role in any job.  What I learned in Leadership Lehigh is an integral part of my professional skills, even today."

Spencer Johnson

Spencer Johnson, Class of 2013

"I now understand that positive leadership is a fluid concept, and leaders must be equally flexible, and able to continuously shift between distinct roles without a visible change of gear."

Julie Stomel

Julie Stomel, Class of 2014

"We have great support in Leadership Lehigh from staff while we figure out how to streamline our group processes and make our group as efficient as possible."

"Leadership Lehigh allowed me to take a closer look at small group dynamics and problem solving."

Meaghan Bricker

Meaghan Bricker, Class of 2014

"Leadership Lehigh has given me the opportunity to understand myself better and I have found that I am now able to contribute more to projects and enjoy the challenge of new ones."

"Leadership Lehigh has given me the opportunity to gain insight into my own leadership style as well as members of my peers."

Jon Witt

Jon Witt, Class of 2015

"College is a gateway to finding out the answer to the question, "who am I?"  and Leadership Lehigh provides an excellent avenue for young students to learn what qualities they have, how they interact with others."

"Through my experience in phase one I have realized that one person is not a single type of leader.  People are often a mixture of different types that differ in depth and scope."

Abby Farrell

Abby Farrell, Class of 2015

"Students should join Leadership Lehigh because the program provides us with an opportunity to make a change to oneself, our community or the world."

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