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P.E.E.R. Leadership Experience

Prepare. Emerge. Engage. Reflect.

Leadership Certificate Course

This course is designed to provide opportunities for self exploration and personal leadership development that will have a significant value for participants regardless of previous leadership knowledge or experience. By utilizing personal style inventories, current readings and interactive class activities, participants begin to build a personal foundation that accentuates their learning in future leadership trainings. The course provides students with the self confidence and leadership development knowledge necessary to seek out additional leadership opportunities on and off campus.

P.E.E.R. Leadership Learning Outcomes

P.E.E.R. Leadership Course Preview

P.E.E.R. Leadership is based on the student leadership development principles of personal development and experiential training. Development requires an environment which empowers students to mature and develop toward greater levels of leadership complexity, integration, and proficiency over a period of time. Training involves those activities designed to help students translate some newly learned skill, or information, to a real and immediate situation. Classes are interactive; students learn through reflection, discussion, and personal inventories. Students also take a critical look at their personal development and leadership experiences to understand where they are in the context of student development theories and models. Ultimately, students become more prepared to take on a variety of leadership roles and develop plans related to their future interests and opportunities.

P.E.E.R. Leadership Training Tools:

Class Topics:

P.E.E.R. Leadership is currently offered each semester to students sponsored by a club/organization or office staff member. For more information or to sign up, contact the Office of Student Leadership Development at 8-6674 or via email at