Office of Student Leadership Development

Leadership Consulting

Using a variety of delivery methods, the Office of Student Leadership Development (OSLD) offers multiple workshops and training seminars on many different leadership topics. In these workshops and seminars, we utilize various techniques to convey our message, such as experiential activities, discussion sessions, lectures, workshops, leadership inventories, team building activities, videos and other media resources.  No matter what format is used, we ensure our activities are fun and engaging for our participants.  To view some of the topic areas we can address, please click here. Some of the program formats are described below. If there are other types of projects not listed that you are interested in pursuing, please contact our office!

Specific Program Requests:
(For clubs, organizations, professors, academic, and administrative departments)

The Office of Student Leadership Development (OSLD) tailors programs to meet the needs of any group on campus seeking a leadership experience.  These programs are developed in conjunction with the OSLD and are primarily targeted towards student leadership, with the exception of "Train the Trainer" focused programs.

Programs are developed through a partnership between the OSLD and the other office(s), student organization(s), academic department(s), etc. After a program request form is completed, a representative from the OSLD will have an initial planning meeting to discuss overall program background, goals, and desired outcomes with the group.

With help from the group seeking assistance, the OSLD will develop a possible training program that fits the group's goals and outcomes.  The OSLD can also provide groups with the necessary resources to plan events independently. A follow-up meeting will ensue to discuss program details, facilitation issues, and to finalize the program content. At this meeting, the group partnering with the OSLD should be able to provide a program location, number of attendees, audience type, and other important details.

To request a leadership program for your group, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the paper or online program request form
  2. You will be contacted by a member of the OSLD staff
  3. Schedule an initial planning meeting to take place between representatives from your group and members of the OSLD staff

**Please Note** This process takes approximately two weeks to complete. Also, program dates and facilitator availability fill up quickly. Please fill out your program Request Form as soon as possible.