Office of Student Leadership Development

Greek Life Leadership Development Recognition Initiatives

The Apollo Celebration

This celebration, named for the god Apollo, is an opportunity to recognize faculty, staff and students who demonstrate relational, values based leadership.  Apollo’s task of pulling the sun up each day parallels the bright new changes that these individuals have inspired in Lehigh’s Greek community.  The Apollo Celebration also serves as the initiation ceremony for the newest members of the Greek Emerging Leaders program, students committed to growth, friendship. leadership, community and self discovery.  Apollo is held each April at the Banana Factory. 

The Greek Life Leadership Legacy Journal

In 2009, the Greek Life Leadership Legacy Journal was started as an initiative to recognize outstanding graduating seniors and connect leadership experiences from across chapters, classes and decades. Each May, a handful of students will be chosen to contribute to this journal, sharing memories from their Lehigh and Greek experiences. Our hope is that years from now, the leadership legacy journal will be an important tradition and source of wisdom for emerging Greek leaders. The Greek Life Leadership Legacy Journal is housed in Special Collections at Linderman Library. Members of the Lehigh community may view the entries by visiting the digital e-journal on the Library website.

Suited for Leadership

Suited for Leadership is a recognition program sponsored by Greek Life Leadership Development that aims to recognize seniors who demonstrate a continued commitment to leadership development in themselves, their chapters and the overall Greek community. These individuals will be recognized through gifts that will assist them as they continue their leadership journey after graduation. Seniors are recognized through Suited for Leadership once in the Fall and once in the Spring semester.  

Suited For Leadership