Office of Student Leadership Development

About Us

Our Vision

To prepare students to be positive examples of leadership excellence and social consciousness in a complex and ever-changing global community.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Leadership Development utilizes innovative, educational and experiential teaching methods to facilitate students' leadership development. As every individual has the potential to lead, we strive to help all students shape their personal definition of leadership through critical thought and meaningful action. Through a set of comprehensive leadership opportunities, students cultivate leadership skills and abilities to work interdependently, serve as meaningful contributors, visionary thinkers, and exceptional leaders in a global community.

Our Guiding Principles


The Office of Student Leadership Development sees it as our charge to actively seek out students, faculty and staff members that have a desire to explore leadership development. Our approaches, programs and staff members strive to be available and flexible in order to meet the needs of any community member along the continuum of their individual leadership development journey. We truly believe that everyone has the potential and capability to be a leader. It is our vision that all community members will be able to find the appropriate avenue to explore this potential and that we can provide a vehicle to help them cultivate and enhance any leadership capability they choose.


At the core of the Office of Student Leadership Development is our attention to providing high caliber and quality experiences that inspire creative learning around the topic of leadership. We strive to integrate various individuals, points of view and experiential learning pedagogies in order to transcend the barriers created by utilizing one single approach or point of view to leadership education and instruction. We also hold ourselves to a high standard and expect that our delivery options clearly reflect our values and the evolving landscape of higher education. In order to ensure cutting edge experiences; feedback, evaluation and assessment are integral to the fiber of all the approaches utilized by the Office of Student Leadership Development.


The Office of Student Leadership Development has a commitment to all University community members and constituents to expose them to opportunities to examine and shape their personal philosophy of leadership in community with others. We also see it as our responsibility to act as a connective hub that brings together and infuses the common thread of leadership development and learning throughout the campus community in unique and diverse ways that center on bringing individuals together based on the power of collective learning.


Bringing the dynamic University community together around the shared value of leadership is a priority of the Office of Student Leadership Development. We intentionally aim to integrate diverse perspectives and backgrounds represented at Lehigh to heighten the overall leadership development of our entire community. Through this thoughtful exploration of our unique differences coupled with the shared value of leadership, we hope that all those in the Lehigh community will develop an enhanced understanding of the importance of critically engaging with diverse perspectives.