What is the GEM Leaders Program?
This program gives new members a chance to interact with each other and upperclassmen Greeks through engaging and exciting sessions, activities, and workshops.  New members involved in this program will have an amazing and unique experience that will benefit them throughout their years in Greek life and beyond.
Who can apply?
Any student who becomes a new member of a Greek organization in Spring of 2011 may apply to be part of the GEM Leaders program for the Fall of 2011. 35 students will be selected to participate in the experience. We also look for current sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated Leadership abilities to apply to be a mentor. We select 8 mentors in November to run the sessions in Fall 2011.
What will I get out of the experience?
New members will have the opportunity to develop excellent leadership abilities, interact with experienced members of the Greek community and stay connected with their peers who have joined other chapters.  The skills and experiences gained from this program will last through college and beyond in internships, careers and other on-campus activities.  
How can I apply?
Applications for Mentors will be available in November. The Mentee application will be available in Spring 2011. Both will be available on the OSLD, GEM and OFSA websites.