Office of Student Leadership Development

Athletics Leadership Development Programs

John A. Cable Center

for Athletics Leadership Development

Lehigh is committed to providing student-athletes with the resources, experiences and training to maximize their leadership potential in ways that will enhance their personal development, contribute to their team's overall success, and further advance the mission of Lehigh Athletics.

Our services are offered in three distinct areas:

A. Developmentally incremental curricular programs for INDIVIDUAL STUDENT-ATHLETES by year in school:

Lehigh P.R.I.D.E. - Personal Responsibility in Determining Excellence

The Lehigh P.R.I.D.E. Fall Program is a required initiative for all first year student-athletes, new to the university and to the challenges of Division I collegiate athletics. The program is intended to complement the University's orientation and evoLUtion programs, by helping student-athletes to develop habits of success in their transition from high school to college.  Additionally, first year student-athletes will build a support network of faculty, staff, and peers who can positively impact their personal growth while at Lehigh.

The Lehigh P.R.I.D.E. Spring Series is an optional leadership development program for first year student-athletes who see themselves as potential future team captains or who are recognized by coaches as potentially promissing future team leaders.  This eight-week dialogue series over lunch aims to enhance the basic understanding of core leadership principles, character traits, and the adoption of positive habits that enhance leadership credibility.

Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program is the first phase of the Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy (national affiliation with the Janssen Sports Leadership Center).  Offered to any interested sophomore or junior student-athlete identified by coaches and/or self-identified as having a strong interest in leadership development, this curricular program builds upon the leadership foundation established in the Lehigh P.R.I.D.E. program.  Student-athletes have the opportunity to expand their self-concept through reflection and evaluation of their abilities to lead by example (fall semester content) and to lead vocally (spring semester content).

Leadership Legacies

Leadership Legacies is the second phase of the Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy and our most selective leadership program.  Offered to coach-identified veteran leaders and team captains, this program focuses on leadership challenges faced by team leaders and provides student-athletes with self, teammate and coach feedback as a guide for personal growth that ideally helps the team.


A capstone leadership program for graduating student-athletes, Launch uses discussion and reflection to help make meaning of college experiences.  By reflecting upon their most significant lessons learned through college, redefining leadership and identifying transferable skills, seniors will emerge as confident examples of leadership excellence as they prepare to leave Lehigh.

Special Interest Series

Monthly discussions around relevant leadership issues, ideas or needs associated with specific sub-populations within the athletics community.  Open to all student-athletes, athletics staff members and/or faculty partners.

Individual Consulting

Ongoing trouble-sheeting and coaching sessions to help individual student-athletes maximize their leadership potential in a certain situation, role, or throughout one's career.

    B.    TEAM CONSULTING, team building, goal and standard setting, trouble shooting

The Cable Center for Athletics Leadership and the Assistant Director for Athletics Leadership Development also provide team-based leadership training and education as determined by the unique needs of each program.

    C.    Involvement Opportunities and PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES

1.    Student-Athlete Mentors (SAM)

Student-Athlete Mentors are carefully selected and appropriately trained peer educators and Lehigh P.R.I.D.E. huddle leaders.  In modeling responsible behavior and balance in academics, athletics, and social life and in providing guidance about campus resources, the Student-Athlete Mentors aim to aid first year student-athletes in the adjustment to life at Lehigh by helping them to develop good habits for success in college and beyond.  Student-Athlete Mentors also complement the leadership of team captains through leadership by example and serving as mentors to their teammates and peers.  The Assistant Director for Athletics Leadership Development, Julie Sterrett, advises and trains the mentors.

2.    Student-Athlete Council (SAC)

The Student-Athlete Council is a group of 20-25 student-athlete leaders representing a diverse constituency, who collaborate to enrich the student-athlete experience through:

Advocacy - Big picture problem solving/brainstorming/strategic planning about issues confronting student-athletes

Education - Coordination of workshops and events that provide student-athletes with knowledge, skills and tools to aid their personal/professional growth

Relationships - Advancing partnerships among the Athletics, Campus and Alumni communities.

Service - Local, national and international agents of social change

C.O.A.C.H. (local service events)

Community Outreach by Athletes who Care about Helping is a community outreach program that operates in accord with the National Consortium for Academics and Sports. Its goals are to help (along with parents, teachers, and coaches) elementary, middle, and high school student-athletes and their peers to make informed choices about their education, alcohol and other drug issues, and other factors which would affect reaching their full potential.Participating Lehigh student-athletes practice public speaking skills by sharing important messages about substance abuse, academic motivation, time management, peer pressure, and other concerns of young people at school/community center visits and assemblies. The program includes our annual "Adopt-A-Family" initiative in December and our ongoing "Reading Rocks" program to promote literacy rates and to inspire a love of reading among Elementary School students.

S.A.L.S.C. (national and international service events)

Student-Athletes Leading Social Change is a national organization of leaders who catalyze and connect student-athletes who are passionate about social change and who implement social change projects on local, national and international levels.

Founded in 2009, the Lehigh SALSC team works hard to positively impact their local, regional and global communities through meaningful project work related to education and sports. By generating awareness and funds to execute team-identified priorities, SALSC has helped to build three school buildings in Kenya and Ecuador over the past three summers and plan to do similar work in New Orleans, Louisiana in the summer of 2013.