Office of Student Leadership Development

Athletics Leadership Development

athletics leadership development


The Athletics Leadership Development programs at Lehigh University contribute to the holistic development of varsity student-athletes by exposing them to intentional leadership education and training. Our programs help student-athletes to lead themselves and others effectively through self-exploration, a commitment to congruent values and action, and setting a standard on their teams. By creating a culture of leadership within the Athletics Department and across campus, our student-athletes will be prepared to handle team leadership challenges in conjunction with their head coaches, and life leadership challenges outside of the realm of athletics.


We intend to cultivate a culture of leadership in which enhanced self-awareness, an authentic commitment to team goals, and congruence between values and actions all invigorate and complement a championship athletic experience.


Our programs aim to develop and enhance student-athlete leadership skills and a broader understanding of the importance of leadership to the quality of the student-athlete experience. Through innovative and intentional educational programs and opportunities, we strive to develop a sense of community among staff members, teams and individuals that centers on the value of positive leadership. By creating and sustaining a culture of leadership within Athletics, all members of the Athletics community will inherently contribute to the greater success of their teams, and the quality and effectiveness of the Athletics Department, Lehigh University and the larger Bethlehem community.

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