April 2012

As school is back in full swing, recruitment is a top priority to building the most sucessful Lehigh car to date. In addition to providing a solid foundation for future teams, the significant increase in recruitment efforts is complimented by a dedication to reduce attrition rates to zero. This combination of leadership and dedication provided by upper classmen has and will culminate in a larger and a more diverse team. The man-power inherent with larger numbers is already apparent, as the design phase is off without a hitch.


X-42: The Finished Product
Pictured below is the 2012 car, after being compleatly build by a team of Lehigh undergrads-- featuring a milled carbon fiber chassis, wet layed carbon fiber control arms, and a new enclosed drivetrain design.. The first testing exceeded expecetating; the 2012 car preformed for multiple hours with no major mechanical failures.





Completed 2012 Lehigh FSAE Car