September 2011
As school is back in full swing, recruitment is a top priority to building the most sucessful Lehigh car to date. In addition to providing a solid foundation for future teams, the significant increase in recruitment efforts is complimented by a dedication to reduce attrition rates to zero. This combination of leadership and dedication provided by upper classmen has and will culminate in a larger and a more diverse team. The man-power inherent with larger numbers is already apparent, as the manufacturing phase is off without a hitch.

July - August 2011

Next year's preliminary design is being modeled with CAD software, while we await the 2012 rule book. The design will incorporate ground aerodynamic effects and more consolidated internals. We are also considering the potential for a turbocharger and a big bore kit.


2011-2012 Sponsorship Information
Lehigh FSAE looks to continue existing corporate relationships and begin new ones to make our program possible. Thank you to all our sponsors! With the push for the next Lehigh car, it's also time to re-evaluate the previous season to identify successes and points for improvement. As the 2012 car represented a fundamental shift in Lehigh car design, future generations will surely follow this model.