Damage Appeals

June 2013


Dear Student:


This letter provides information about on campus housing damage charges that may be posted on your Bursar account. There are three types of charges you may have received: damage, key, or fine (as indicated on your bill). The hard copy of your bill will provide you with a more detailed description about the specific charge. Please note: the bill will list the charge as 201320 (summer term) because of when the bills are processed, but the charges are from the 201310 (spring) term.


Type of Charge

Damage: When you moved into your on‐campus housing assignment, you were given the opportunity to review your Room Condition Form (RCF), which listed the condition of each item in your room/apartment. You were also given the opportunity to edit the form to ensure that it accurately reflected your own perception of the condition of each item.


After your departure, University staff evaluated the condition of your room/apartment and noted damages that were beyond normal wear and tear and determined if any university furniture was missing. The condition of the room/apartment at the closing inspection was compared against the condition noted on your RCF.  


If after this process, it was determined that there were student damages, your account was charged for those damages. Students are billed based on the cost of labor and materials associated with the specific work required, and charges are split among all residents residing in the space.


Key: You were required to return your key(s) to the university prior to leaving for the semester. As indicated on all closing materials you received, your key(s) had to be given to your Gryphon or House Manager (in person), the Office of Residential Services, or the Office of Access Control.


All keys had to be returned by 9 am May 9, 2013. Keys returned after this time will not be accepted if a lock change has been completed.  Once a lock change has occurred, the old core is removed from the system and cannot be reused due to the lost key.  Keys are billed individually. 


Fine: Fines are assessed for failing to meet the requirements of your housing contract as described in the General Provisions for Student Occupancy.  Fines are billed per person to all residents residing in a space.


Appeals and Taking Responsibility

After receiving your Bursar bill, if you would like to provide additional information in the form of an appeal or taking responsibility for a damage or fine, you may do so in writing by using the link below. Please understand that all information must come from you (the student and lease holder). The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the University from discussing this information with anyone else, including parents and roommates. For more information, please visit http://www.lehigh.edu/~inrgs/FERPA/ferpa%20postsec.pdf.


Appeal: You may submit an appeal using the link below. All appeals must be submitted by August 2, 2013.

Taking Responsibility: If you are responsible for damage(s) or fine(s) and want to make sure no one else living in that space is charged, please accept responsibility using the link below.  If one of your roommates is responsible for the damage or lease violation on your bill, please talk with that individual about taking responsibility. The responsible individual must accept responsibility in writing for the information to be considered. 


To submit an appeal or accept responsibility, please visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/appeal2013.


Thank you for your attention to this information.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residential Services at inrsd@lehigh.edu.


Enjoy your summer.

Office of Residential Services

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