Before You Sign:

A Guide to Off Campus Housing

Dear Off-Campus Student,

The Office of Residential Services is pleased to provide you with a "Guide to Off-Campus Living." This guide is intended to provide answers regarding the search for an off-campus apartment, working with your landlord, understanding the lease and rental process, and establishing you in the off-campus community. Additionally, information regarding campus and community resources is provided to help you thrive in your off-campus space.


This book is designed for off-campus students and prospective off-campus students because Lehigh University recognizes that both groups of students have unique and varied needs. It is our hope that the guide will help you access all that off-campus life has to offer and encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities Lehigh provides.


Living off-campus means opportunities and responsibilities different from on-campus living. You are now a neighbor to others in a community with different perceptions and lifestyles. Within this guide, you will find tips to help you successfully make this transition.


If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this handbook or services for off-campus students, please contact the Office of Residential Services. We wish you luck in all your endeavors at Lehigh and hope this guide will assist in both on and off-campus opportunities to make off-campus living an enjoyable experience.


Best wishes,

Christina D'Aversa

Associate Director, Residential Services


Table of Contents:

Finding an Apartment

Leases: What You Sign Is What You Get

Condition & Inventory Checklist for Leased Premises    

Preparing to Occupy Your New Home 

Safety Tips 

Living in the Community 

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