Housing Information 14-15


The left column of this website includes all of the important information for housing such as: eligibility/requirement, medical considerations, meal plan requirements, housing options, terms of the housing contract, and waiting list information. It is important that you read the pages that pertain to you.

The calendar on the right includes all of the dates that pertain to the overall housing process. You can use this calendar OR follow the Housing Process under the Housing Option (http://www.lehigh.edu/~inrsd/housingportal/housingselectioninformation.html) you plan to participate in so that you do not miss any deadlines.

Where else can you find housing information???

Check your Lehigh email daily for housing updates.



Residential Services Website:
http://www4.lehigh.edu/housing and then click on Housing for 2014-2015 on the bottom right of the page

Campus Portal (available as of February 10th)
Campus Life Tab; Housing Channel; “Click here to view the Housing Selection Information”

Campus Life Tab; Lehigh Housing Resources; Residence Hall Resources (undergraduate); Lottery

Campus Life Tab; Lehigh Housing Resources; Residence Hall Resources (undergraduate); Room Selection

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