Housing Deposit

In order to be eligible to select Residence Hall Housing, you will are required to pay a Housing Deposit of $400 or sign a Payment Commitment by the deadline given for your desired room selection process. Click here to reference the Housing Calendar.

The University does not notify or bill parents when the Housing Deposit is due. It is your responsibility to see that the Housing Deposit is paid on time.

The Housing Deposit should be made at the location designated in the step-by-step process for your desired Housing Process. The Housing Deposit will be credited toward the Fall 2014 semester Bursar account balance.

If you are unable to pay the $400 Housing Deposit by the deadline, a Payment Commitment can be signed if paying the Housing Deposit would be an extreme financial hardship. The Payment Commitment allows you to retain housing by agreeing that the Housing Deposit will be paid at a later date. It does not exempt you from the financial obligation.

 If a Housing Deposit is not paid or a Payment Commitment is not signed by the deadline, you will no longer be eligible to participate in a Housing Process.

Payment of the Housing Deposit or signing a Payment Commitment, combined with signing a Housing and Meal Plan Contract, constitutes an agreement with the University to be eligible to select an assignment in a Housing Process as described in the Housing and Meal Plan Contract Terms of Lease and Contract Obligation.

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