Application for NSF-Supported Summer 2015 "Research Experience for Undergraduates"
in the Department of Physics at Lehigh University

(updated February 7, 2015)

Eligibility requirements for the Lehigh Physics REU Program:

A complete application package to the Lehigh Physics REU Program consists of:

Please do not send transcripts until Fall semester grades have been recorded. Unofficial transcripts are fine. Should you be accepted into the program, we may require an official transcript at that time.

It is your responsibility to arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent to the address below.

The deadline for all application materials, including recommendations and transcripts, is March 7, 2015. Email submissions are preferred, but sending materials by mail or fax is also fine.

Please send your resume and transcript, and arrange for 2 letters of recommendation, to:
REU Coordinator
Department of Physics
16 Memorial Drive East
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015
fax: 610-758-5730
phone number: 610-758-3930

If you have any questions about your application or the program in general, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the REU coordinator.

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So that we may be able to contact you about this position, when is your Spring Break?

We provide free on-campus housing for students who are accepted into our REU program.
Do you require housing should you be accepted into our program?
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Please tell us about your research interests:
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Very Important!  Are you a citizen or permanent resident of the United States? Yes:
If not, please enter your country of residence.
Funding for most positions is restricted to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. However, we do consider applications from international students who are currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a university within the United States. If you don't check the box, we have to assume you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Lehigh University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. The Lehigh University Physics REU Program strongly encourages applications from underrepresented groups. We would appreciate, therefore, having your self-identification by ethnicity and race. Please select all that apply:
African American or Black
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Latino or Hispanic
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
White or Caucasian
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The Lehigh University Physics REU Program takes seriously its commitment to accommodating students with disabilities in our program.
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Further comments for the REU Coordinator or potential research advisors:

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