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Creating Safer Teams and Finding Allies for LGBTQ Athletes, Coaches, and Staff

Executive Director of GO! (Generation Out) Athletes, Anna Aagenes will present a unique workshop on the intersection of LGBTQA students and the sports world. The workshop will help students explore the stereotypes, negative language, and shifting attitudes of the LGBTQ and athletic communities. The presenter will provide an overview of the current LGBTQ sports equality movement and explain how our younger generations of student athletes and allies are "changing the game" in the LGBTQ sports equality movement. Students will be given tangible ways to make a difference at and help create safer environments at their schools.

Presented by: Anna Aagenes

During her time at the University of Pennsylvania, Anna Aagenes was a track star and openly LGBT student leader. In addition to serving as the captain of the track and field and cross country teams, she was chair of Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia and Heterosexism (PATH). Since graduating in 2010, she has continued to advocate on behalf of LGBT athletes as the Executive Director of Our Group Athletes, an outreach, support, educational, advocacy and leadership organization for LGBT student-athletes and allies. Our Group serves to connect LGBT student-athletes with other LGBT student-athletes and find supportive resources.


LGBT Organizing To Win: On Your Campus and in Your Community:

It's an exciting time to be involved in the LGBT equality movement and students can play a big role in advancing equality. This workshop includes an overview of the LGBT political landscape, an organizing training and a discussion about how to reach our goals for change.

Presented by: Adrian Shanker, President, Equality Pennsylvania


LGBTQIA Studies: Issues and Opportunities for Research

While not all college students have the option of taking classes that focus specifically on LGBTQIA studies, there are a number of ways that students can explore these topics in assignments for more general courses. This presentation will identify some of the key questions and issues in the field of LGBTQIA studies, and will help audience members to brainstorm and develop topics they can use for papers or projects in their own classes. Participants will also be introduced to some of the best resources for LGBTQIA research on the Web and in the U.S., and are welcome to discuss any ideas (no matter how general or specific) for LGBTQIA-related research they may wish to pursue in their future studies.

Presented by: Dr. Christianne Gadd


Homosexuality and the Bible:

 The Bible is often raised as a weapon in attacking the LGBTQIA community. Together, we'll take a closer look at the texts that are commonly invoked and what some commentators say about them.

Presented by : Rabbi Seth Goren


HIV and Stigma: The reason why you are not going to come to this presentation:

This session will provide a brief HIV 101 education with up-to-date statistics on HIV in the LGBT community, and offer an honest dialogue about the role of stigma in the HIV epidemic.

Presented by: Liz Roth, St. Luke's Community Health Department - AIDS Service Center and Robert Pompa, Lehigh Valley Health Network - AIDS Activites Office


Intersecting Identities:

This presentation will focus on intersectionality within the LGBTQ community. Specifically on how to, in your own college community, understand different identities and making sure these community members feel included in the discussion when talking about queer issues.

Presented by: Luis Garcia and Mel Ferrara


From Idea to Reality: Planning Successful Programs:

Many times we have great ideas for outreach or celebration programs. We work hard, get the details together, get the word out, and BAM, few people attend. This session will focus on how to plan successful programs by providing examples of timelines and steps to take.

Presented by: Gene Kelly, M.S. Associate Dean of Intercultural Development Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs Lafayette College


Local and State Safe Schools Policies:

Policy Briefing on Lehigh Valley and State Anti-Bullying Regulations: Participants will gain insight into current and proposed safe schools policies and legislation. The audience will learn tools to advocate for stronger policies and how to join policy with programs and action.

Presented by: Jason Landau Goodman, Executive Director The Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition and Ashish Kalani


From Random Stereotype to Full Integration:

LGBTQI Issues and the Media: Media constantly surrounds us, from television and magazines to blogs and the 24 hour news cycle. How have LGBTQI individuals been portrayed in the past and today? This session will involve viewing media clips and will be mostly discussion-based.

Presented by: Gene Kelly, M.S. Associate Dean of Intercultural Development Director of Gender and Sexuality Programs Lafayette College




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