LGBTQIA History at Lehigh


Tracing LGBTQIA history at Lehigh University.

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-Proposition 8 creates nationwide controversy




-Website helping to correct casual use of word "gay"

-Facebook:It's complicated

-Gender lines on the sidelines:transgender athletes in the NCAA

-Spectrum's Drag Show supports LGBTQ values

-LGBTQIA retreat offers sense of community

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-"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" sparks debate club

-Rutgers student commits suicide

-Victims of gay harassment remembered at U.C. memorial

-Campus confronts national prejudices

-Editorial:'It gets better?'

-Gender-Neutral dorms offered next semester

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-Editorial: LGBTQIA heading up the Hill

-Greek Allies reach out to the LGBTQIA community

-Gender-neutral housing to offer safe zone

-Students talk trangender issues

-No male students attend homophobia discussion

-Editorial: New steps toward diversity

-Health Center stops offering HIV test

-Editorial: HIV testing on campus a must

-Group explores challenges of being transgendered

-Letters to the editor:Transgender article inaccurate

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-Groups educate campus during LGBTQA month

-Speaker addresses issues sorrounding intersexuality

-Drag shows to break gender norms

-Letters: B&W should acknowledge success of drag show

-Letters: Inclusion by Greeks is key to campus unity

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-LGBT sexual violence discussed

-New director to improve campus climate

-One-man performance celebrates gay historical figures

-Editorial:Recognize homophobia

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-Drag performers support LGBTQA

-Two students speak about bias remarks

-Editorial:It doesn't matter

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-That's Gay

-Transgender woman questions labels

-LGBTQ creates outlet in community

-'Illusions":opening minds to end hate

-Drag show performers entertain, educate

-Rainbow Room comforts, promotes diversity

-Incidents on campus unacceptable

-Vigil planned to help stop hate

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-Despite few cases, AIDS still impacts campus

-Gay Jeans Day

-Wear jeans and support a lifestyle

-Lifestyle requires element of choice

-SPECTRUM educates campus on sexuality

-Freedom of choice

-Nothing wrong with marriage ban

-Use of slurs a disgrace to Lehigh

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-Group pushes for sexual intergration

-"Trembling Before God" Ad

-New club formed for gays, lesbians

-Stanton calls for diverse campus

-Harvard Law holds first reunion for homosexual alumni group

-Campus observes National Coming Out Day

-Students snub queer film festival

-Gay community speaks of troubles

-Gay students struggle with coming out

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-Safe Space program promotes acceptance

-What do you think of diversity on campus?

-Stay out of Lehigh!

-Church to protest on campus

-No place for hatred at Lehigh

-President responds to protestors

-Help stop WBC from picketing

-Sickened by WBC

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-Homosexuals at Kent state fight for harassament protection

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-University supports diversity on campus

-Out at Work: A career panel of Gay and Lesbian Alumni of Lehigh University

-Supreme court hears arguments on ban of gay Boy Scout leader

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-Jury suspends minister for uniting homosexuals in ceremony

-Gay and lesbian professionals discuss finding acceptance at work

-McKinney found guilty of causing gay attack

-Professional Insight: Career Experiences of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Professionals

-Celebrate National Coming Out Week

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- Organizations Spread Awareness

-Gay marriage controversy reaches Vermont Supreme Court

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-Allies for support

-Lehigh’s Safe Space

-Support group formed as ally to gay/bi community on campus

-Lehigh’s Safe Space: A Program For Everyone

-Bombings in Atlanta suspected to be tied to serial terrorist

-Riding coattails

-President of campus clubs seeks diversity

-Clinton equates battles for gay rights with fight for black rights

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-Utah Board of Education bans clubs to protest gays

-Gays lack support

-Step by step by step

-Make a safe place for everyone

-Gay officer tells truth about army

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-Dinner and debates

-National coming Out day held to raise homosexual awareness

-National coming out day

-Help open the closet

-Ally Awareness Week ad

-Panel Discussion ad

-Kent State students bring their opinions out of the closet

-Giving up and going forward

-Keep tissues by your side for ‘Boys’

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-Sexual orientation not a part of diversity

-Gay Jeans Day

-Professor takes his students behind the scenes

-Personal response to gays on campus

-Sexuality largely ignored in diversity debate

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-The gay scene at Lehigh: Coming Out

-LGBA group forming

-Lehigh offers variety of group counseling sessions

-Court should not decide fate of lesbian’s child

-Virginia judge denies lesbian custody of 2 year old son

-Lehigh is anti-gay group leader says

-Panhel not to blame for gay bashing

-Thoughtless remarks can be hurtful

-Genes play role in obesity, homosexuality

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-Homosexual Literature deserves exposure

-Homosexuality isn’t going away

-Speaking Out: readings about LGBT issues at Drown

-Gay Jeans Day disheartening

-Oregon referendum pits gay rights vs state legislation

-Gay’s need support, understanding, speaker says

-WLVR ad with LGBT talk hour

-Parental sexual orientation: Does it matter?

-Not just another face in the crowd

-Gay right revolution fueled in 1969 still alive

-Group provides support system for students

-Gay and Lesbian Studies filter into the University

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-ROTC under attack

-National Coming Out Day

-International male model, Rod Jackson, speaking on issues of gay rights/human rights.

-Gay couple tells of life experience after 'coming out'

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-yay another HDL ad

-another new HDL ad…

-Students protest Souter’s nomination

-new HDL ad

-Diversity League seeks housing

-new HDL ad

-Diversity League holds dance

-PSU organizes LU AIDS Awareness Week

-A Homosexual insight on AIDS

-Stereotypes and Sexuality

-Lesson on safe sex

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-new HDL ad

-HDL presents films

-Diversity league re-established

-Campus Gay Support Group

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-Experts think half of AIDS patients will die

-Hurts to be gay

-National News

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-Human Diversity League

-Lehigh recognizes Diversity League

-No humor

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-LU gay group going strong in second year

-Human Diversity League

-Students speaks to local press on gay rights


-Lesbian lecturer reviews progress of gay rights

-Gay Lecture

-Lesbian and Gay support group ad

-Gays glad

- Barbara Gittings comes to Lehigh from the National Gay Task Force & Gay Rights National Lobby

-Unique Experience

-Lesbian lecturer reviews progress of gay rights

-University restricts gay lecture publicity


-AIDS making impact on the Lehigh Valley

-Area colleges wary of AIDS

-Studds speaks to local press on gay rights

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-Homosexuals out of closet

-LU gay group founded by students

-Gay gripes

-Fraternity reaction varied to new gay organization

-Faculty supportive of gay group

-Sorority presidents accept gay organization

-Set Straight


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-'Macho environment' here intolerant of gays

-"Gay May" week to replace traditional spring festivals

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-Gay Students Unite at Other Colleges

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-Colleges' gay clubs funded

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-Gay Rights Rally

-Gay rights activists step forth in Allentown

-Le-Hi-Ho is social, educational

-Thank you from gays

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-B&W 'Over-reacted' to Parr Comments

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-Gays Are Second-Class Citizens

-Flesher Calls for Policy on Gays

-Homosexual Policy Unrealistic

-Homosexual Organizations Lacking at Area on Campuses

-New Approach to Gays is Possible, Says Flesher

-85 Petitioners Request for Club for Gays

-A Late Improvement

-No Petition Received From Gays

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-Panel Discusses Gay Life

-Delay in Gay Story Reinforces Phobia

-Gay Communication Should be Enhanced

-Theta Chi Alumni Recommend Asking Gays to Move Out of Frat

-Gay Discrimination

-Black and White Propriety Questioned In Coverage of Gay Issue

-Sensitivity Lacking in Theta Chi Action

-Gay Editorial Disappointing

-Gay Choice of Lifestyle Defended

-Theta Chi Split on Ignoring Alumni Decision on Gays

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-'Cautious Acceptance' Found By Members of LE-HI-HO

-LE-HI-HO Praises Article; Elaborates on Kinsey Stats

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-Homophile Society Started To Help Homosexuals

-Student Homophile Group Adv.

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