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Faculty ePortfolio Implementation

Over the past year, the University Advisory Committee for the Online Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment Project has been working to identify requirements and processes for an online system for reappointments, and promotion and tenure reviews. Although the primary reason for implementing this system is for this purpose, the system will also be utilized to facilitate faculty activity reporting (PARs), as well as faculty research information gathering for report generation.

The goal is to have one online system and process across all four colleges that will provide faculty members due for reappointment or promotion and tenure review, the flexibility to upload dossiers to an online system. This system would then provide deans, chairs, faculty, and promotion and tenure committees, viewing capability of the on-line dossiers, in addition to adding other pertinent documentation such as external evaluator letters, department chair letter, dean letter, etc. The dossier would then be complete for final review by the Provost’s Office.

The Online Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment Advisory Committee defined requirements and processes for this system.  Several vendors reviewed their products with the committee and two products that best met Lehigh’s needs were identified.

Data 180 and Entigence were finalist for committee consideration, and the committee recommended to proceed with Data180.  Data180 is a well-established company and will meet Lehigh’s requirements as the authoritative system for promotion, tenure and reappointments, faculty activity reporting (PARs), and research information gathering.

The terms of Lehigh’s agreement with Data180 are being finalized.  A Faculty ePortfolio Implementation Team with representatives from all four colleges, LTS and the Provost’s Office is forming to work closely with Data 180 to create an implementation plan.  Advisory Committee members have been asked to submit Faculty ePortfolio Implementation Team representative names to Pat Mann.

A communication will be sent to all faculty when the Data180 contract is finalized, providing them with an update, announcing the Implementation Team, and outlining next steps and expectations.

View the vendor demonstration: Data 180

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