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Faculty ePortfolio Implementation

The Faculty E-Portfolio Steering Committee has embarked on the implementation phase of the Online Promotion, Tenure and Reappointment Project.  Requirements and processes for the online system for reappointments, and promotion and tenure reviews have been identified. Exciting work has begun with our vendor, Data180 to build a system that meets the needs of all faculty in all four colleges.  The system will also be utilized to facilitate faculty activity reporting (PARs), as well as faculty research information gathering for report generation.

The goal is to have one online system and process across all four colleges that will provide faculty members due for reappointment or promotion and tenure review, the flexibility to upload dossiers to an online system. This system would then provide deans, chairs, faculty, and promotion and tenure committees, viewing capability of the on-line dossiers, in addition to adding other pertinent documentation such as external evaluator letters, department chair letter, dean letter, etc. The dossier would then be complete for final review by the Provost’s Office.  A Faculty ePortfolio Implementation Team has been assembled to assist in effectively moving the project forward.

Project Progress and Status Report - May 2015

Project Progress and Status Report - November 2014

The ePortfolio Steering Committee members are:

Ward Cates, Faculty Liaison, College of Education
Pat Mann, Administrative Director, Provost Office
Linda Mery, Assistant Administrative Director, Provost Office
Vince Munley, Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs, Provost Office
Jennifer O’Brien-Knotts, Director, Enrollment Management Services and Systems
Debra Rubart, Project Manager, Provost Office
Sherri Yerk-Zwickl, Director, Project Management, Library and Technology Services

The Faculty ePortfolio Implementation Team with representatives from all four colleges, LTS and the Provost’s Office are:

Yenny Anderson, Office of Institutional Research
Linda Bell, Registrar
Mary Lynn Breiner, College of Business and Economics
Debbie Feldman, Library and Technology ServicesS
Diane Hyland, College of Arts and Sciences
Lee Kern, College of Education
Ilena Key, Library and Technology Services
Stacey Kimmel-Smith, Library and Technology Services
Janele Krzywicki, Provost Office
Ainsley Lamberton, Research and Graduate Studies
Stacey Lange, Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
Anthony McHugh, Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
Jeff Remling, College of Arts and Sciences
Sharon Siegler, Library and Technology Services
Michael Stavola, College of Arts and Sciences

View the vendor demonstration: Data 180

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