Revised Mission Statement

Lehigh University is currently revising its mission statement, which was last updated in 1992.

First Phase

During the first phase of this process, Lehigh used three mechanisms to gather feedback from all parts of the Lehigh community.

In early April, Lehigh held a visioning workshop to provide an opportunity for representatives from across the Lehigh community to consider what they might want in a mission statement. (You can read about this visioning workshop here.) Following the visioning workshop, Lehigh hosted an open town hall meeting to gather input. Finally, an open web form was available for anyone to submit comments online.

Second Phase

Lehigh is now moving to the next phase of the mission statement revision process, which is the drafting phase.

A small group of representatives from the Lehigh faculty, staff and student communities will draw together the feedback from the first phase of the project to produce a draft mission statement, and possibly a draft vision statement.

As with the 1992 statement, the final version will be approved by the board of trustees.