Bias Reporting Contact Log

The following guidelines are intended to assist you in providing support and securing relevant information when an individual contacts you to report an incident of bias. Please note: it is imperative that incidents which may be criminal in nature be reported to the University Police for their evaluation and possible investigation prior to University officials engaging in investigations. Once the University Police have completed their assessment and taken any necessary action, they will forward the matter to the appropriate University officials for internal response and action.

Person Receiving Report:

Date of Report:

STEP 1: Ask individual to describe the incident.

STEP 2: Determine severity of incident.

  • If police intervention is warranted, ask individual to contact police immediately.
    Reported to police: Yes No
  • If incident warrants report to Harassment Officer, inform individual that you are obligated to report the incident under the Harassment Policy. Ask individual if he/she is willing to speak with the Harassment Officer.
    Reported to harassment officer: Yes No

STEP 3: Gather the basic facts.

  • Date of contact:
  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Person reporting incident (if not seeking anonymity)
  • People involved in the incident (perpetrators)
  • Expected outcome of report (check all that apply)
    No Action
    Formal Report to Harassment Officer
    Student Judicial Action
    Criminal Complaint

STEP 4: Determine whether reporter is willing to complete the online reporting form.
Yes No

STEP 5: Notify the chair or co-chair of the Bias Response Team.
Yes No

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