Appendix 16 Faculty Search Resources

Download a printable version of the Faculty Search Resources list. (PDF)
Lehigh At-A-Glance
President & Leadership
Work/Life Balance for Faculty
Work/Life Balance for Lehigh Faculty Summary Card (PDF)
Working & Living in the Lehigh Valley
Office of Human Resources
Office of Faculty Development
Office of Vice Provost for Academic Diversity
Manual for Disability Accommodations for Faculty
Research at Lehigh
Office of the Provost Cluster Hiring Initiative
Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Office of the Dean, College of Business & Economics
Office of the Dean, College of Education
Office of the Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Office of International Affairs
Library & Technology Services
Student Affairs Office
Lehigh Athletics
Zoellner Arts Center
Office of Multicultural Affairs
The Women's Center
Child Care Center
LGBT Communities
Office of the General Counsel


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Before the Search Begins
  3. Legal Issues & the Search Process
  4. Initiating the Faculty Search Process
  5. Recruiting Activities During the Search
  6. Managing Campus Visits
  7. Final Selection of a Candidate
  8. Negotiating Contracts / Offers
  9. Evaluating the Search


  1. Faculty Recruitment & Initial Appointment Checklist
  2. Faculty Employment Request Form
  3. Permission to Advertise Request Form
  4. Reason for Declining Faculty Appointment Offer Form
  5. Workshops to Support the Process
  6. Principles of Our Equitable Community Document
  7. Lehigh University’s Core Values
  8. Board of Trustees Diversity Statement
  9. Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action / Non-Discrimination Policy
  10. Resources for Recruitment: Workshops, Publications, Organizations & Websites
  11. College & University Addresses
  12. Women & Minority Institutional Doctoral Directory
  13. Women & Minority Doctoral Award History
  14. Readings on Diversity, Gender & Faculty Recruitment
  15. Handbook References
  16. Faculty Search Resources
  17. Lehigh University Administrative Offices to Support Faculty Search