Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program

Many faculty members who are being recruited by Lehigh University have accomplished partners or spouses who are also seeking employment. Our Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program was created to assist these highly qualified couples who face the dual career challenge. Partners and spouses are encouraged to utilize the Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program as a powerful resource to learn and execute an effective and productive job search.

Who is eligible

Guidelines - how the program works

What services are offered

Information about the Lehigh Valley

The Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program uses a blended learning approach to meet the career needs of spouses and partners through individual career discussion, web seminars, and networking opportunities. The program successfully fuses personal service with on-demand technology to support spouses and partners through their searches.

Job Search vs. Job Placement

The support you receive from the Faculty Dual Career Assistance Program will be invaluable toward your job search efforts and success. However, the University cannot guarantee job placement. Career searches are most successful when professionals conduct a proactive job search rather than a reactive job search. The success of your job search and the length of your search will depend upon several factors including: the economy, the time dedicated toward your search, how you conduct your search, and the type of position you are seeking.



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