Publications & Reports

The 35th Honors Convocation (pdf) - April 4, 2014

University Faculty Meeting Information, September 16, 2013

Graduate Program Review Calendar (PDF)

2013 Middle States Periodic Review Report

2008 Middle States Decennial Review

2009 Strategic Plan and Implementation Group (SPIG)

The Provost’s Office, in collaboration with other areas across campus, routinely produces reports and quantitative data for Board of Trustees Meetings.  You can view this information at:

COACHE Faculty Survey

Creativity Task Force Report, Summer 2005 (PDF)

First Year Experience & Beyond Task Force Report, Spring, 2005 (PDF)

The Patriot League recently adopted a new policy, which takes effect with students entering in the Fall of 2013, that provides far more flexibility in football recruitment. If you have questions about how the policy change will affect Lehigh, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions.

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