Middle States 2008 Self-Study and Decennial Review

Middle States Accreditation 10-Year Review

Lehigh University went through a 10-year review by its accrediting agency, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in 2008. The commission's full evaluation team conducted its final campus visit in March 2008. The team sent a preliminary version of its report for Lehigh to fact-check in April, and the final version then went to the Middle States Commission, which consulted with the evaluators and re-affirmed accreditation in June 2008.

Accreditation is about institutional advancement -- determining and demonstrating that our programs, policies, and priorities are aligned with our institutional mission and goals. It is about making a better Lehigh. While the University regularly engages in strategic planning and assessment, the nature of the Middle States review process -- especially the self-study report -- offers the unique opportunity to submit our efforts to impartial observers for validation and to demonstrate our accountability, both internally and externally. The recommendations are also critical input to the ongoing strategic thinking process initiated by President Alice P. Gast in 2007.

Accreditation is important to all members of the Lehigh University community. In addition to serving as a prerequisite for such important things as grant support, financial aid, and transfer of academic credit, it keeps us focused on our mission, lending significance and meaning to a Lehigh education.

This website was a community resource for the exchange of information related to accreditation. Feel free to contact the Office of the Provost with any questions or comments about the process or the substance of the 2008 institutional self-study.

Please visit the links below for more information about Lehigh's 2008 Middle States Decennial Review:

2007-08 Decennial Self-Study Report

Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 Appendix Documents for Middle States Decennial Review are available via hard copy from the Office of the Provost. To review the files, please contact the Office of the Provost.

Appendix Documents

2003 and 1998 Accreditation Information

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