“In this world, you must be oh-so-smart or oh-so-pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant…and you can quote me."

~ Elwood P. Dowd in the play Harvey.




Reading science fiction and mysteries





Honors and Distinctions

Program Coordinator, Educational Technology Program (1995-present)

Program Coordinator, Technology-based Teacher Education (2003-05)

President-elect, Association for Educational Communications and Technology

How to plan and structure courses (syllabi, matching assessments to

     instructional goals, etc.)

Formulating a research agenda in the social sciences (identifying areas of interest,

     determining how these relate to one another, formulating a research plan, and

     matching it to a presentation/publication plan)

How to teach online courses (particularly those involving audio or video components)

Distinguishing “unreasonable demands” from “reasonable expectations”

Designing survey instruments

Design of instructional software

Implementing technology in school settings

Research methods


How technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning

How museums are using technology

How learners process information

How to create a greater sense of connection between online learners and instructors

     in synchronous and asynchronous online courses


Exploring how U.S. art museums are using the Web to provide educational materials

     and activities

Working with Bethlehem Area School District to evaluate their laptop-for-each-student

     initiative in the middle schools

Investigating Web-based scientific inquiry

Graduate and Research Committee (two stints, including chair)

University Personnel Committee

Over the years, at three different universities, I have served on everything from Parking Appeals to Presidents’ Select Committees.

     If an academic committee exists, at some point I have likely served on it


BA English/Education, Duke University

Ed.D Curriculum and Instruction, Duke University

I have been a tenure-track college professor since 1975 and have taught at three different universities in that time. I came to Lehigh in 1991. Along the way, I have owned several active software development companies, including a fully authorized IBM dealership (in the mid-80’s) and a software-development company (now) that does Department of Defense and NSF projects. I hold a patent on the multimedia thinking skills software we developed across several such projects.

I come out of a background of audiovisual use, which means I like electronic devices –from digital cameras to the PDA that runs my day. iTunes and iPod provide the rhythm of my day.

I am active in presenting and publishing, as well as editorial work. Coming from a background in English and having been a high school English teacher prior to coming to college teaching, I find writing is relatively easy (a fortunate fact, given my career choice). I am active in grant work and enjoy particularly my collaborations with science folks.

I am happily married and have been for almost 33 years. My wife is the school secretary at Moravian Academy Lower School and I have a 25-year old daughter who is a high school English teacher in Charlotte, NC. So we all spend our days at school.

College of Education, Department of Education and Human Services

A115 Iacocca Hall

PHONE: (610)-758-4794 EMAIL: ward.cates@lehigh.edu