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A show of power by ECE

Steven Avena, Henry Luo and Jordan Thimot took first place in a competition among their peers in electrical and computer engineering. They completed the project as part of a one-year, senior-level lab required of all ECE majors. They competed in a poster presentation session April 27 that featured the work of 22 teams -- 45 students in all. The winning team mathematically modeled and developed a device that uses a digital bandpass filter to measure and detect the unique harmonic properties that distinguish an HIF from other types of faults. Second prize in the contest went to the team of Basel Alnajjab and Christopher O’Lone Their project, “Chesstastic,” is a chessboard equipped with sensors, magnets and a microprocessor whose squares light up to show a player options for moves and captures. All of the students are members of the Class of 2012.

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