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Technically Proficient, Entrepreneurially Minded

The inaugural graduates of Lehigh University’s one-year master's degree in Technical Entrepreneurship share one thing in common: They already know where they’ll hang their 2013 diplomas—on the walls of their startups.

Just a year ago, Lehigh instituted the program to prepare students for the finer points of launching a business or new venture, from commercializing intellectual property to developing new products. Students in the program learn by experiencing the idea-to-venture process in an educational environment that's hard-wired to support the development of novel, innovative and commercially-viable technologies.

For more, including profiles of students and their startups, read the complete story in the Lehigh University News Center.

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Azim Sonawalla '13G

Azim Sonawalla '13G of Lehigh's Professional Master's program in technical entrepreneurship describes the"Cool Talk Communicator" he designed for firefighters.